About Us

Stephan L. Jackson and Associates (SLJA) is an educational consulting firm based in San Antonio, Texas offering an array of services for academic organizations at local, state, and national levels. SLJA focuses on Dual Language, Bilingual, ESL, curriculum and test development services.

SLJA has established itself as a leader in the field of bilingual education, providing a wide range of services, from writing curriculum and related assessments to staff development to competitive proposal writing for federal and state grants. In the past ten years, SLJA has developed a scoring service for Spanish and English language proficiency tests, with clients throughout the country. In addition to our scoring and training services, SLJA has developed several assessment products, including a bilingual assessment of cognitive development known as the Concept Development Test. SLJA staff have worked closely with major publishers such as CTB/McGraw-Hill and Santillana USA on large-scale assessment development and support projects. Some of these are written to assess student progress as a key component of existing ESL programs, while some are independent language proficiency assessments. SLJA staff have also written numerous evaluations of bilingual programs throughout Texas. These evaluations, written in order to fulfill federal grant requirements, make use of English and Spanish test results from a variety of instruments. Thus, we have had first-hand involvement with language proficiency testing not only as authors, but also as scorers, trainers, and evaluators.

To contact SLJA, call 210.340.5166, fax 210.696.7176 or email us using our contact form.